'24 Movimientos y Ninguno Repetido' (24 movements and none of them repeated) is taken from a Cuban phrase that boasts the advanced sexual skill of an individual. These photographs are taken as stills from a video in which the subject attempted to find as many different positions as possible while remaining on the floor and in some way seated on the chair. The work bridges traditional art historical painting 'Reclining Nude' by Modigliani with early video art pieces by Bruce Nauman and Vito Acconci and references contemporary images in its vertical format. While the gaze of the subject is direct, it invites a conversation about sexuality in the history of photography. The series also references foundational elements in cinema such as the frame rate (standard 24 frames per second) and the timeline, which were conceptually at the forefront of the work of video artists when CCTV's first became accessible. The series is an exploration of the transformation of image making and consuming culture, thinking as we engage more profoundly, actively pursuing ourselves in the image. 

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